Batch Type Ball Mill

Batch Type Ball Mill Machines recommend huge conduct. And those ball mills can also multitude (crush) very hard materials intensing very law volume of time. Our precious customers choose this machine for it is fully designed appropriating the best quality materials and the also applying the latest advanced technology in conformity to the rules o the market. Before this supplying the customers they are totally assure or their quality checking and then after they are supplied to their clients.   

Batch type ball mill laboring just as batch type operation. Suitable shape, size and quality Grinding media is arranged inside rotary drum. That material can be maintained from strait connection grant in shell. All ports required closing but before ports close rotating rotary drum should be start. Batch type ball mill useful for dry or wet powder grinding. In that additionally homogenously mix more than one material. Batch Type Ball Mill is specially designed for crushing, cattle Feed, Animal Feed, Refractory, Ceramics etc.

Features of Batch Type Ball Mill:-
  •   Extensive formation volume
  •   Installing and operating system is easy
  •   Power Decisive
  •   Cost Effective
  •   Incredibly enduring