Ball Mill

A Ball Mill is a crumbling accessory that is helped to turn material into expensive powder. Ball Mills are cylindrical in frame. And are sometimes the grinder of preferred when it comes to ceramic materials and certain hard chemicals. Generally, machineries and appliances. There are some specific types of ball mill. Continuous Ball Mill, Batch Type Ball Mill. Successful accession and best subjective work of our machineries are the conclusion of our forceful quality control system. We are very well-known as manufacturer and supplier of ball mill. An industrial ball mill has the capability to conduct continuously. 
These ball mills are element of a pulley procedure that helping belts and pulleys to engage smaller ball mills. Ball mill procedure is one of the generally capable types of machinery in the milling and mining industries. Ball mill machines generate cleanser a plain procedure for a large amount of materials and excellent production requirements.

Uses of Ball Mill :-                    
  • We can applied for wet or dry powder
  • Capable for secondary crushing